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What I Do

Brand Strategy

Everything is brand.


A Brand Strategy serves as a blueprint for all marketing activities in order to achieve stated business objectives.


The brand strategy will be reflected in the brief delivered at the end of the engagement which will generally feature: brand positioning, brand identity and key messaging.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction or “Brandwork” encompasses defining and expressing the look, feel and sound.


Brandwork refers to new brand assets such Brand Identity - Logo Protocol, Typography, Color Palette. Brand Design Approach across Digital, Print and 3D spaces and Photography & Supporting Images.

Strategic Services 

Help companies define goals, objectives and tactics. Setting a framework for success that offers fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Strategic Consulting Services include but are not limited to:

Concept Ideation

Digital Strategy

Strategic Plan Development

Marketing Plan Development

Product Development

Digital Strategies Ideation

Personal Branding 

You are your business. Your personal brand mirrors what your business stands for.


How do you ensure your audience and markets receive an accurate impression and the right messages about who you are?


Crafting every detail with you, aligning it with your company’s intent.

Supporting your people in developing their own personal brands is the most impactful thing you can do for your business.

For change makers, corporate teams and individuals to harness the power of their personal brands, in creating lasting impact and drive ROI with strong personal branding.

Coaching and Workshops

Personable attention: Strategic advisory 
One-on-one sessions with the CEO/Founder every month to bring that intent to life.
Meeting needs : Coaching and innovation.
Provide advisory and consultancy to address any shortfalls or urgency and guide your team towards fulfilling your company’s objectives.

Branding with Intent: The Talk.
Aila will teach you the importance to identify your business intent, your “why” and how to connect deep into your corporate values sets for an authentic brand-centric business.

The Take Aways
Value creation - Why be a brand with “intent”
The process - How to align your values into action
Brand creation - Why naming and logo is “not” the easy part
Authenticity - How to remain true and consistent to your brand purpose without fearing competition

Hello, I’m Aila!

Harness the power of authentic personal branding.

Aila will teach you the importance to identify your business intent, your “why” and how to connect deep into your corporate values sets for an authentic brand-centric business.

Clarity and authenticity is key for a “purposeful” brand. Aila will share her comprehensive experiences in ways to simplify and amplify your brand’s value proposition, conceptual design and communicate it to those that matters.

And how in this fast changing times, remaining true to “you” is the best thing you can do for your brand and business.

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Brands & Partnerships


What People Are Saying

“Aila is a change maker. A direct and smart women who doesn’t hold back in telling her vision and objectives. She is organized in her work and loves to plan and work consistently. She helped me with: planning and understanding the power of branding, networking and getting to understand my focus points.”

Marc Klok- Indonesia National Footballer and Entrepreneur 

My Blog

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Let's Get Started


Up close and personal. One on one on the spot ideation and advise.

For brands and businesses needing some one-on-one attention in defining your voice and growing your reach together.

Tell me how I can help with sharing all information at hand.

I will frame up the hours required and the engagement duration for the consultation.

We get to work.

We roll, review and celebrate (often)

  • 5.500.000 Rupiah Indonesia
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